Friday, May 3, 2013

Eye of Dawn Development

At the moment, Eye of Dawn is fairly developed. The game is a 3rd person Flyer, where you play as a Pilot, fighting to save the fate of humanity. Beginning on the moon Titan, You learn to fly, navigate and battle in space and on the various worlds that you may travel to.

The governments of earth have long since abolished war at large. Peace had dawned and humanity began to discover that it was far from alone. Discoveries of new worlds, as vast and complex, with histories and cultures just as deep and numerous as our own, began a golden age for humanity. But such peace was not meant to last. Humanity began colonizing suitable worlds in the solar system, but soon war and chaos divided her once again. All the while, a threat loomed in the deep reaches of the galaxy. A war ridden race, full of greed and malice would hope to dominate them, but humanity is hard to control...

The Ringed Planet.
This is a screen shot of the upper atmosphere of Titan, looking at Saturn

There is still so much to do though. 

Currently, I wouldn't say this game is really playable. The player can fly through empty planets, and eventually come to an inanimate Pirate base that will eventually be a very hard boss fight. Many enemies are almost ready, but they have no obstacle avoidance, and that's harder than you might think to come up with. 
Also part of this game will be commanding other ships, although that will take a will for me to think up. 

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